Clover Slash Chenille Cutter

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The Clover Slash Chenille Cutter has a fixed blade to ensure smooth cutting. When the blade becomes dull, all you need to do is move the special wheel to expose a sharper blade surface.

Designed to make faux chenille cutting fast and easy by cutting between stitching lines. It eliminates any worry of cutting through your base fabric. No cutting mat is required. The Cutter can be used to make straight or curved chenille.

The Cutter comes with two interchangeable guides for narrow and wide channels. It can be used whether you’re left handed or right handed.

When making chenille by hand, you will also need the Chenille Brush in order to ‘fluff’ up your fabric to create the chenille effect.

Watch our video below, where Pauline shows you how to use the Clover Slash Chenille Cutter.


1 review for Clover Slash Chenille Cutter

  1. Roslyn (verified owner)

    Mostly easy to use when one gets used to it.

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