Clover Stitch Guide


The Clover Stitch Guide is for use on your sewing machine to assist in achieving perfectly straight stitching, in a curve or top-stitching. It comes with two plastic stitching guides and an adhesive guide underside.

The adhesive guide underside is reusable and repositionable. This adhesive guide contains a number of red lines and template holes. To use these, decide the width of the seam allowance and insert the needle into a template hole along the lower edge. The number written below the hole of the template indicates the width of the seam allowance. Attach the guide along the template border

How to use the Clover Stitch Guide:

– To achieve perfectly straight stitching, you need to connect both guides and then use the long side of the guide
– If you would like to stitch around curves, you can use either the inner or outer curve on the shortest side of the guide
– In order to top-stitch, place the guide in front of the presser foot and sew
– Finally, to stitch strips neatly, use both guides – one on either side of your needle/ fabric.

Full instructions with images are included in the packet.


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