Glue Stick Refills


These Glue Stick Refills suit most brands of Glue Stick pens, including the Glue Pens available on our website.

The Glue Stick Refills are water-soluble, blue in colour when drawn on your project, but dry to clear. This makes it easy to see on just about any fabric you choose to use. It’s ideal for gluing fabric on your quilting and sewing projects, and for English paper piecing.

It’s Pauline’s glue of choice when creating quilts and quilting projects that use very fine bias. When heat setting the bias in place with a mini iron, it does not stick to the base of the iron. Meaning you don’t have to worry about it spreading across unwanted areas of your project or creating a mess.

Watch as Pauline uses the Glue Pen in our below video.



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