Precision Quilt Wonders Ruler 10" x 5"


A new range of rulers for all kinds of measuring and cutting, put together as a group are seven of the most popular sizes necessary for quilting.

These rulers are based on the Precision Quilt Wonders ruler that works remarkably well in the quilting industry. This ruler is the Precision Quilt Wonders 10″ x 5″, which is part of the group of seven.

The sizes available in this new range of rulers are: 24″ x 6″, 10″ x 5″, 2 1/2″ x 12″, 1″ x 10″, 9 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ square, 12 1/2″ x 12 1/2″ square and 15 1/2″ x 15 1/2″ square.


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