The Finishing Touches Class Kit

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The Finishing Touches Class Kit is required by those who have purchased a subscription to the Craft Alive Online Classroom offered through The Great International Craft Show. Purchase your subscription here.

In the Finishing Touches Class, Pauline shows how to make bindings, and how to finish the quilt without any ripples or waves on the edges.

You’ll learn many different styles of bindings from a simple regular binding with perfect mitered corners, to scalloped bindings, scrappy bindings, and bindings with a piping effect. The gallery images provide an example of the binding with a piping effect and scalloped binding that are part of the class.

The Finishing Touches Class Kit includes the Duo Tool, Mini Set of Sashers, Magic Binding Tool, 3/8″ Sasher Tool and Roxanne Glue Baste-It.

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