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2 Day Quilting Workshops

There are seven 2-day workshops to choose from, including Controlled Quilting with Quilt As You Go Techniques and Jelly Roll Rugs. You will finish a small project during the class.

Download a PDF copy of our PQW Hands On Workshops 2023.


1. Controlled Quilting and Quilt As You Go Techniques


*Note: There will be pre workshop preparation that will need to be completed by each student prior to the class.
DAY 1:
Together students will focus on using traditional means to achieve creative expression in their quilting journey.

This class is for those who want to master quilting without the stress of Free Motion Quilting. Students will be taught simple but stunning designs with the feed dogs up on their machines. This is a surprisingly easy and relaxing class, with fantastic results for all participating.
DAY 2:
Learn all of Pauline’s Quilt as You Go techniques. Students will go home with samples of the different techniques they have learnt, to enable them to use these samples in the future when they make any quilt pattern into a QAYG quilt.


2. Crazy Patch Gone Modern.

Crazy Patch Gone Modern

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Crazy Patch has been around for centuries, traditionally it was made from bits and pieces of different textured fabrics and trims.

In this class, students will put a twist on the tradition to create a modern look.

Students will learn how to create perfect Bias trims and once everything is in place, they will quilt the blocks and join them together with Quilt as You Go methods.

The outcome from this class will be amazing.


3. Knot So Celtic Cushion Cover.

Knot So Celtic Cushion Cover Class

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This is an easy, relaxed class to learn about both Controlled Quilting and Bias Celtic designs. The design for this class is simple but very effective and stylish.

Students will be taught how to make perfect bias in the colour they choose, as well as how to approach all the bias strips that go under and over each other to create wonderful Celtic designs.

Some fantastic machine techniques are taught in this class that students can apply to other projects.

4. Back to Back QAYG Table Runner

Back to Back Quilt As You Go Table Runner

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Machine quilting is one of those things that can be quite the challenge or a great joy. If you’ve become discouraged with domestic machine quilting after trying to fit a large quilt through your sewing machine, you should give Quilt As You Go a try.

In this class you will learn Pauline’s Back to Back QAYG technique (the easiest of her two techniques) to make a lovely table runner. Discover how quilting one block at a time is remarkably simple.

Once finished, you’ll be able to apply the technique to almost any quilt you make, no matter the size.


5. Between the Block QAYG Table Runner.

Between the Block QAYG Table Runner

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In this class you’ll learn the second of Pauline’s Quilt As You Go techniques, Between the Block.

The Between the Block QAYG technique needs to be used if any of the blocks in the quilt have a 1/4” point, like on pieced blocks. You’ll be taught step-by-step how to make this small table runner, with the technique then able to be applied to any QAYG quilt.

A fantastic class if you never want to struggle with trying to quilt a large quilt on your small domestic sewing machine again.


6. Jelly Roll Rugs.

Jelly Roll Rugs

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This is a fun and easy class to be part of, where you’ll make your own Jelly Roll Rug. Ideal if you have some jelly roll bundles laying around or a lot of fabric in your stash – a great class to use them up and get your creative juices flowing.

Pauline will teach you how to use the PQW Jelly Roll Sasher to make your own jelly roll strips; and how to join them together to form a jelly roll rug.

You will have the choice of what size you’d like to make your rug, with the option to make an oval, bear or butterfly Jelly Roll Rug


7. Woven Rugs.

Woven Rugs

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This is an enjoyable and relaxing class that gives you all the tips and tricks for creating woven rugs.

A great option if you want to use up fabrics from your stash, or purchase new fabrics, to create a unique rug to match your decor. Using the PQW Weaver Sasher Set, Pauline will show you how to create the weaving strips, and the easiest way to weave them under and over to form the base of your rug.

A great class for those who want to do a project where minimal sewing is required. You’ll have the option to make either a round, oval, square or rectangle shaped rug.

Please note – Kits are available for all quilting workshops listed.

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