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Machine Quilting Workshops

Machine Quilting Workshops

The LPO of domestic machine quilting, with three 1-day classes to choose from depending on your skill level.

Three 1-day workshops.

For most people when they learnt to drive a car, they discovered a whole new world. Car + Driver’s Licence = Freedom.

Pauline’s approach to teaching machine quilting is like learning to drive a car, as machine quilting takes practice but skipping steps can lead to trouble and frustration down the road.

Pauline’s LPO of Domestic Machine Quilting is a graduated system of three one day workshops that teach you what you need to know when you’re ready.

In the first workshop you learn the basics (L) of handling your sewing machine, before moving on to more advanced stitching in the second workshop (P) as your confidence and skill level grows. Once you’ve progressed, you’re ready for the final test of handling a big quilt under your machine (O).

The LPO workshops give you the knowledge and confidence to quilt any size quilt on your domestic sewing machine. You will learn how to troubleshoot tension and experiment with tools that make quilting easier.

Best of all, you’ll no longer need to fear the thought of maneuvering a big quilt on your sewing machine. A whole new world awaits!


L Plates – A Confidence Building Workshop

This class teaches you to take control of your machine.

With the feed dogs down, you learn how to stitch in the ditch without the walking foot. This method allows you to quilt your quilt without ever needing to turn it. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish once you master this manner of sewing.

You learn all about your machine in this class so you can Free Motion Quilt with nice even stitches. The focus is on how to achieve straight lines without drawing them – stitching in the ditch, stitching squares, triangles, stars and a selection of other straight-line shapes.

By the end of the class you’ll be on the road to quilting so many quilts. You’ll also be ready to move on to your “P” Plates.


P Plates – A Skill Building Workshop.

This class teaches you to take control of your machine.

1-day workshop.

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There’ll be plenty of opportunity to experiment with a selection of tools that make machine quilting even easier. You’ll discover how to use threads to enhance your quilting.

By the end of the class you’ll be ready to add new flourishes to your quilts. You’ll also be ready to move onto achieving your open licence.


Open Licence – A Fine Tuning Workshop

This class teaches you to take control of your machine.

1-day workshop.

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You’ll learn about choosing designs to suit your quilt and methods to put the designs onto your quilt top.

You’ll bring along a small quilt sandwiched together ready for quilting, or if you don’t have a quilt top sandwiched and ready to quilt, you can get a kit complete with a special skill builder.

After this workshop you’ll be ready for the freedom of the open road on your own. You’ll have the knowledge and the confidence to tackle any size quilt… and all those UFO’s.


Please note – Kits are available for any of the LPO machine quilting classes.

If you are interested in Pauline teaching her workshops for a guild or a shop, please get in touch by completing our Workshop Enquiry Form below. We will then contact you to discuss further details and dates.
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