Colour Balance Tool


The Colour Balance Tool helps you find the balance between light, medium, and dark fabrics in your quilting and patchwork projects. This balance of fabrics within each of your patchwork blocks means they will turn out much better and often be much more appealing to the eye.

To use, hold the Colour Balance Tool above your fabric, look down in to the red section and you will see what the fabrics are. To the eye, the fabrics may look well balanced and far enough apart in colour value, but when you place the Tool over them, you will see a true representation of the fabrics colour values.

For example, if you have two shades of pink fabrics (one you believe to be light and one medium) and a blue fabric, the Tool may reveal that the two pink fabrics are the same colour value (both light), whilst the blue shows as a dark colour value. This enables you to then choose another fabric for your medium colour value.

The heart cut out is for showing the fabric in its natural state, so you always have an easy way to refer back without fully removing the tool from above the fabric.


Watch the video to see how it works.




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