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Pauline’s Quilters World is an online quilting store. We’re passionate about revolutionizing the way you quilt, with our award-winning quilting tools and quilt patterns used by quilters across the world.

Our Quilt products and techniques are suitable for those who are learning to quilt, right through to established quilters. Our Sasher™ tools enable you to easily create jelly roll rugs, make bias, sashings, bindings and trims with no more burnt fingers!
You may have seen Rolly Sashers on Amazon, however, these are cheap, inferior knock-off copies of our Sasher tools, and as we’ve shown in our YouTube video, these rolly sashers MELT. Click to watch the video here.
The ORIGINAL PQW Sashers come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY that guarantees they will not melt, warp, or lose their shape…EVER.

Our Quilt As You Go Technique allows you to quilt the blocks first and then join them together; making quilting on a domestic sewing machine achievable for all. Our NEW range of QAYG Templates are taking the world by storm, as they make quilting so much easier than before, especially when combined with our NEW Controlled Quilting techniques.

Watch and Learn

In these YouTube videos, Pauline shows you how easy it is to use our products and apply her quilting techniques.

See how to use our Sasher Tools, make bias, fold bindings, create double and triple sashings, make your own jelly roll rugs, and more…

Watch and Learn


Each year we attend a number of events around Australia and the world. These events provide us with the opportunity to show you how to use our products and techniques in person.

Visit us at an event near you.

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