Clover Fork Pins

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Clover Fork Pins are the best type of pin to use when trying to achieve accurate points in patchwork. Also great for use in other quilting projects.

They are very fine, sharp pins that are double pronged like a hair pin. They eliminate the problem of seams moving during piecing and pinning of patchwork. The pins are also handy for when you’re making bias tape as you can use just the one pin to anchor both sides. The bent end makes them easy to handle when inserting and removing from fabric.

Each box contains a total of 35 pins.

Tips for pinning and piecing with Clover Fork Pins:

  • Match the seams by butting them up against each other, and push the Clover Fork Pin through. One prong should be on one side and the other prong on the opposite side of the seam. As they’re such a fine pin, they lay nicely and are easy to remove as you sew. Although, some quilters even sew right over them.
  • When you pin your rows together, the Clover Fork Pins hold the seam down at the back while you sew over the seam. This stops the feed dogs from pulling the fabric and flipping it back the wrong way.
  • Clover Fork Pins are very flexible when you have a lot of points to match together like an eight point star or a pinwheel. Squeeze the pin close together as you insert it either side of the seam. It will hold all the point’s together – like no other pin can do!

Other products we regularly use when working with the Clover Fork Pins for piecing, include the Half and Quarter Square Triangle Rulers and the Precision Quilting Ruler.

Watch our below video where Pauline shows you how to use the pins correctly.


44 reviews for Clover Fork Pins

  1. Annemarie Engel (verified owner)

    Very handy product

  2. Lynda Edwards (verified owner)

    These are just brilliant. Makes joining so much easier. Love Love Love.

  3. Glenda (verified owner)

    Very useful for precision pinning

  4. Merryl (verified owner)

    I’ve only used these in conjunction with the sasher tool and they definitely helped.

  5. Lynette (verified owner)

    So far I’ve used these fork pins when using my 1 1/4 inch sasher so much easier,
    and have road tested the pins in sewing together triangles – magic results.

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)


  7. Gayle L. (verified owner)

    Another clever and useful tool for piecing. Much easier to use than normal pins.

  8. Karen (verified owner)

    These forked pins are excellent for holding the seams together to get perfect points every time!

  9. Kayleen (verified owner)

    Love them can highly recommend

  10. Janine R. (verified owner)

    Great to keep the seams in place.

  11. Anne Moloney (verified owner)

    Excellent- they hold down the sashing very securely

  12. Sandra Watson (verified owner)

    These are really good and a must for using with the sashers

  13. Carole Atkins (verified owner)

    Love these!

  14. Janice d. (verified owner)

    These made bias making so easy.

  15. Sylvia Trencher (verified owner)

    Great to use, hold so much better

  16. Julie (verified owner)

    Fabulous tool.

  17. Ruth Harvey (verified owner)

    great pins love them

  18. JILL TENNISON (verified owner)

    I had never heard of these but they work perfectly with my sashing tool & I’m so glad I bought them.

  19. Helen Kiddie (verified owner)

    Great little pins when used with the sasher tools.

  20. Margaret R. (verified owner)

    Perfect to hold fabric when making sashing and bias strips.

  21. Josephine Smirl (verified owner)

    Wonderful to use when attaching bias tape.

  22. Glenys Baldock (verified owner)

    Very useful

  23. Lesley Boshammer (verified owner)

    Made using the sashers so easy. Great product.

  24. Anonymous (verified owner)


  25. Darlene (verified owner)

    Excellent service and quality!!

  26. sue hendry (verified owner)

    Won’t go anywhere with out them

  27. Christine Paterson (verified owner)

    Great to use

  28. Barbara H. (verified owner)

    Very handy

  29. Nan Morrice (verified owner)

  30. Marianke (verified owner)

    This is an absolute gem, no skewing fabric when using the sashers.

  31. Vonnie Kershaw (verified owner)

    Game changer

  32. Judith Grimes (verified owner)

    makes it so much easier to keep material still

  33. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Easy to use

  34. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    Holds fabric in place so well

  35. Maree (verified owner)

    Very handy pins to have .

  36. Julie Briggs (verified owner)

    Fascinating pins work really well love them

  37. JOANNE J. (verified owner)

    These work well with sasher tools

  38. Susan Gregg (verified owner)

    I’m sure they will be fine

  39. Faye O. (verified owner)

    Best pins I’ve used

  40. Dianne B. (verified owner)

    These are great to have for sashing

  41. Rosalind (verified owner)

    Love them

  42. Lesley Prince (verified owner)

    These are amazing.

  43. Elva Shephard (verified owner)

    I like them

  44. Sharon (verified owner)

    They are very good to work with.

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