Clover Fork Pins


Clover Fork Pins are the best type of pin to use when trying to achieve accurate points in patchwork. Also great for use in other quilting projects.

They are very fine, sharp pins that are double pronged like a hair pin. They eliminate the problem of seams moving during piecing and pinning of patchwork. The pins are also handy for when you’re making bias tape as you can use just the one pin to anchor both sides. The bent end makes them easy to handle when inserting and removing from fabric.

Each box contains a total of 35 pins.

Tips for pinning and piecing with Clover Fork Pins:

  • Match the seams by butting them up against each other, and push the Clover Fork Pin through. One prong should be on one side and the other prong on the opposite side of the seam. As they’re such a fine pin, they lay nicely and are easy to remove as you sew. Although, some quilters even sew right over them.
  • When you pin your rows together, the Clover Fork Pins hold the seam down at the back while you sew over the seam. This stops the feed dogs from pulling the fabric and flipping it back the wrong way.
  • Clover Fork Pins are very flexible when you have a lot of points to match together like an eight point star or a pinwheel. Squeeze the pin close together as you insert it either side of the seam. It will hold all the point’s together – like no other pin can do!

Other products we regularly use when working with the Clover Fork Pins for piecing, include the Half and Quarter Square Triangle Rulers and the Precision Quilting Ruler.

Watch our below video where Pauline shows you how to use the pins correctly.