Free Motion Quilting Hoop - Small 8 1/2"


Free-motion quilting can be a challenge but tools like the Free Motion Quilting Hoop – Small can help to alleviate some of the challenges.

The FMQ Hoop is a weighted ring with a rubbery coating that grips the fabric giving you more control over the three layers of your quilt sandwich so they move as one under the machine needle.

This allows the quilter to easily manoeuvre the quilt in any direction using minimal pressure.

The Hoop helps to retain the desired positioning in all directions while preventing bunching, puckering and undesired folds in the fabric. It is suggested to use the quilting hoop in conjunction with the Sew Slip Mat.

How to Use the Free Motion Quilting Hoop:

• Position the quilt under the needle where you want to begin stitching.

• Slip the FMQ Hoop – Small around the presser foot so that the machine needle is near the centre of the Hoop.
As the FMQ Hoop has a slit in the ring you should not need to remove your machine foot to do so.

• Just a little downward pressure on the sides of the FMQ Hoop will allow you to move the quilt where ever you
need to stitch.

• When you get close to the halo, just stop and reposition the halo, and then continue sewing.

Watch our Free Motion Quilting for Beginners video below.


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