HoneyBun Sasher


The HoneyBun Sasher tool has been designed so you can quickly and easily thread HoneyBun (1 1/2″ strips) and the batting/ wadding together.

There’s no need to iron them. Simply feed the layered strips into the Sasher and then feed the folded strips directly to your sewing machine for basting. ┬áPrinted on the HoneyBun Sasher is the finished size of your HoneyBun strip, meaning you will need to cut your fabric twice the size of this (1 1/2″ strip to fold to 3/4″ wide ).

If you’re looking for a new creative pursuit, this is the perfect tool for making bags, runners, placemats, bowls, and other projects.

It’s also the tool that we use to create our Circle HoneyBun Bag Pattern and HoneyBun Bowls Pattern.

Watch below as Pauline shows you how to make the HoneyBun Bowls.



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