Mini Iron

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The Mini Iron is the perfect size for use with our Sasher tools. It has numerous benefits and functions, including:

  • Light weight
  • Fully functioning steam or dry iron
  • Glides beautifully with one hand
  • Ergonomic in design, making them great for people with arthritis or those of us who have dexterity problems
  • Brilliant when ironing those small seams when sewing or quilting, especially great for curved seams including those dreaded sleeve seams, patchwork and quilting piecing and applique
  • Full heat settings of your regular full sized iron
  • Great for travelling, quilting and sewing classes
  • Sit beautifully on a small area of your ironing board or any ironing surface you have handy
  • Work extremely well with a small heat proof silicon mat (trivet), so surfaces are not damaged by the heat of the iron and you do not have to stand your mini craft iron “upright” while hot, making it a lot safer.


Watch Pauline use the Mini Iron in our Getting Creative With Sashings Video.

2 reviews for Mini Iron

  1. Annemarie Engel (verified owner)

    Easy to use when ironing small pieces, like the sashing strips

  2. Linda Arthur (verified owner)

    Fantastic to use for my applique

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