MonoPoly Thread

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MonoPoly Thread is a 100% polyester mono-filament thread. This spool contains 2,200 yards. It is commonly called an ‘invisible thread’ due to being clear in colour and how fine it is.

MonoPoly Thread is ideal for use with applique and quilting, especially for sashings where you don’t want the stitching to be seen in Quilt As You Go quilts.

It won’t become brittle or dis-colour over time, is strong with low stretch, but is also soft and pliable.

This amazing thread can be used in the top of the sewing machine and the bobbin. The spool will come with a net ‘jacket’ which is to remain on the spool during use. The jacket helps ensure the thread doesn’t unravel and dispense too fast during sewing.

You can also purchase MonoPoly Thread – Large Spool which contains 22,000 yards of thread, here.

Watch our video on how to use MonoPoly Thread.


17 reviews for MonoPoly Thread

  1. Lyn M. (verified owner)

    Best clear thread I have ever used. Been using it for many years now

  2. Lennette R. (verified owner)

    A bit tricky.

  3. Annemarie Engel (verified owner)

    Love it. When I quilt as you go, don’t have to find matching thread. Fabric doesn’t get overpowered as it would be with colourful thread.

  4. Barbara L. (verified owner)

    Brilliant. Takes a while to get used to. Can’t see ant sewing mistakes.

  5. debra (verified owner)

    I had tried other moly threads and hated them so I was unsure about this one, but after using it on the Lu Lu quilt I have found it is really good.

  6. Merryl (verified owner)

    Although hard to see & thread it does mean I don’t have to change threads all the time and hides my mistakes!!!

  7. Dee M. (verified owner)

    Finding this hard to set up but once you got it , its awesome

  8. lynda edwards (verified owner)

    Would give this thread a much higher rating if there was one . Just brilliant

  9. lynda edwards (verified owner)

    Just great for all your quilting .

  10. Elizabeth BETTS (verified owner)

    You have to be careful of it unravelling but so far no problems with tension.

  11. Nancy Cook (verified owner)

    A little difficult to see but it looks great on the quilt.

  12. Colleen Lower (verified owner)

    Only used it on one occasion but sewed lovely

  13. Sandie Kingston (verified owner)

    Fabulous thread and looks great.

  14. Jill Marmara (verified owner)

    A bit tricky to use but once you work out what’s best for your machine it’s easy sailing. With my machine I didn’t thread it the last hook before threading the needle.

  15. Jenny (verified owner)

    It was great for sewing stitch in the ditch with the sashing and quilting especially when I used it in the bobbin.

  16. Ann (verified owner)

    Best I have ever used

  17. Margaret Dunn (verified owner)

    This thread is so invisible in the work I am doing. I am using it to machine stitch instead of appliqueing by hand. Nobody would know.

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