Sasher Collection - Mini Set


The Sasherâ„¢ Collection Mini Set consists of 2 different sized Sashers, including the 1 1/8″ and 1 1/4″ wide.

The Sasher Collection Mini Set allows you to make creative bindings to edge all of your quilts and other projects. You’ll be able to quickly and easily fold bias or straight grain fabric strips using just the Sasher tools and an iron.

You will notice that the sides of the Sasher have a curved shape. This is so the curved edge of an iron can neatly fit against the Sasher as you push it along; Which means no more burnt fingers! Pauline recommends using the mini iron as it fits perfectly in the curve of the Sasher.

Please note – the size on the Sasher is the finished size of the folded strip. For example, if you require a 1 1/4″ finished size, cut the fabric 2 1/2″ wide and then put it through the 1 1/4″ Sasher.

Watch below as Pauline shows you how to use the Sasher Tools.


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