Sew Slip Mat


With the Sew Slip Mat your quilt will glide through, without you having to push and shove. Your shoulders, neck and back will thank you.

The Sew Slip Mat has a slippery side and a tacky side. It won’t leave any residue on your sewing machine. The tacky side clings to the bed of your machine, while the other side allows your quilt to slide freely.

The Mat comes with a rectangle hole for the needle, good when doing free motion quilting using the darning foot with your feed dogs down. If you quilt with the walking foot you’ll need to cut the hole into a rectangle shape to allow the feed dogs to work.

When free motion quilting, we recommend using the Sew Slip Mat in conjunction with the Small Free Motion Quilting Hoop – 8 1/2″, or the Large Free Motion Quilting Hoop – 11 1/2″. The hoops assist in holding the quilt down and keeping your stitches even.


Watch our Free Motion Quilting for Beginners video below.