Super Bright Sewing Machine Light with Optical Grade Magnifier


This product is the wonderful combination of both the Super Bright Flexible Craft Light and the powerful 3X Magnifier. Together they’ll create a winning combination to help you excel for any type of close-up work. Brighten your workspace and see small details for precision, reduced eyestrain and to admire your fabulous designs!

Thanks to the powerful 3X lens magnification, and zero distortion, you’ll be able to easily see the most critical details of any project that can typically be missed by the naked eye. Plus, this must-own craft light is small, lightweight, and includes a Handi-Clip for greater flexibility of use.

Perfect for threading your sewing machine needle!!

  • The magnifier can be used together with the light, or separated for individual mounting. Both the Super Bright Craft Light and 2” Round Optical-Grade 3X Magnifier come with flexible arms that can be easily adjusted to the most useful setup for your project. Plus, thanks to the included Handi-Clip, you can attach the light and magnifier to your sewing machine, workspace or just about anything else in between.
  • The chargeable light has a long life and the rechargeable battery fully charges in 3 hours! This little powerhouse will crank out 1200 lumens of bright light for 14 hours! Then, it keeps working on diminished brightness for over a week!
  • USB cable included: Recharge the battery with the USB cable. The dual USB LED light bulbs will last for thousands of hours, and if you’re going to be stationary you can plug the cord into your USB outlet or an external power source using the included USB cable.

Package includes a Super Bright Flexible LED Craft and Sewing light, USB cord, and Hook and Loop tape PLUS Magnifier, which consists of a 2 inch round Optical Grade Distortion-Free 3x Magnifier, Hook and Loop tape for independent mounting, Handi-Clip and Connector to Craft Light.


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