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With over 35 years of experience, Pauline’s expertise covers a full range of techniques from appliqué and hand work, to machine piecing and quilting.

Pauline began her career in the 1980’s as a travelling patchwork and quilting tutor, commissioned by the Queensland Arts Council to teach the women of the Australian Outback. She has been a featured tutor at the Australasian Quilting Symposiums, Quilt and Craft Shows around the world, as well as teaching many workshops all around Australia and New Zealand. Pauline is a very enthusiastic guest Speaker at many Quilting Events.

Pauline and her husband, Rob, are the owners of Pauline’s Quilters World (PQW), which began in 1996 as the first quilt shop in Toowoomba, Queensland.

With a focus on educating quilters she’s organised a multitude of events including, the Outback Quilters Tour, Toowoomba QuiltFest and Margies Quilts Of Hope – where Pauline worked with quilters to make quilts that raised money for Breast Cancer research.

In 2000, at the Queensland State Quilt Conference, Pauline was recognised for outstanding services to the establishment and promotion of patchwork and quilting in Queensland.

Pauline enjoys helping others learn and perfect patchwork and quilting. In 2006 she was instrumental in the production of a series of 16 educational DVDs on patchwork and quilting of which she was the featured tutor in three – The Joy of Piecing, Foundation Paper Piecing and Chenilling.

She believes when teaching it’s important to focus on the process, such as accurate cutting and piecing, and that the equipment used is a vital part of this process. Pauline also feels that when the proper tools are used correctly, making a quilt is easier and more enjoyable, and the quilters efforts are rewarded with a better result.

Free Motion Quilting is one of her great passions and she also gets great joy and satisfaction in teaching this to the hundreds of quilters that are eager to learn.

Pauline says that her greatest achievement has come in the last few years since she invented the SASHING TOOLS and her QUILT AS YOU GO BOOK. The idea for these unique tools came about from the challenges she herself and other quilters were having trying to fit the bulk of a big quilt under the needle to do nice Free Motion Quilting. We all know the challenges of getting even stitches and nice shapes when there is so much bulk bunched up through a space on a Domestic machine.

The SASHER Collection has been greatly received by quilters world wide to allow them to make easy, yet very effective Sashings when they use Pauline’s Quilt As You Go Techniques.

Pauline’s statement to quilters is “Who said we should quilt last”.

Experimenting with the numerous gadgets available in the marketplace, Pauline has acquired an in-depth knowledge of tools and loves to teach and demonstrate with such things. Pauline continues to strive to invent and find new exciting tools and gadgets to help quilters world wide.