QAYG Quilting Templates Set C


We’ve created a design guide with these patterns to give you ideas on how to use them. Instructions on how to view the design guide will be included with your order email. Alternatively you can find them here.

Now you can create amazing quilting patterns quickly and easily with Pauline’s ever-expanding range of Quilting Templates, designed to be used to create small or larger patterns, from just one template.
Combine multiple templates to create your own original and unique design creations. The possibilities are endless.

As more and more sets are released, you’ll be able to build your own library of QAYG Quilting Templates that will easily enhance your quilting projects.
Keep checking back to our website, as we will be uploading more free design configuration ideas you can achieve by using the templates.

In Set C, you receive two new designs to add to your design arsenal. Simply trace the designs onto your fabric in any number of configurations using a fabric marking pencil, then free motion quilt with your feed dogs up, quilting the material on your domestic sewing machine one block at a time using a sew slip mat to help glide and guide your fabric as you simply sew on the lines.



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