QAYG Quilting Templates Set L (Borders)


We’ve created a design guide with these templates to give you ideas on how to use them. Instructions on how to view the design guide will be included with your order email. Alternatively you can find them here.

Introducing Quilting Templates Set L: Expanding Your Creative Horizons with Controlled Quilting!

Discover endless possibilities with our latest addition to our ever-expanding range of quilting templates. Say hello to Quilting Templates Set L, specifically designed for Controlled Quilting enthusiasts like you!

If you’ve faced challenges with Free Motion quilting, our beautiful new template Set L is here to inspire you.

We understand the importance of border design in quilting, and we’re excited to highlight the versatility of Quilting Templates Set L in this regard. With these templates, you can easily make your 2″ and 3″ Sashings come to life, enhancing the overall visual impact of your quilts. These templates perfectly complement the current straight line and geometric trends, allowing you to create stunning border designs that elevate your quilting projects to new heights. They aren’t just for borders and sashings though!! Use the templates to create a stunning design across your entire block as well.

Remember, the only limit is your imagination. Feel free to mix and match different parts of various templates to craft your own original designs that showcase your personal flair.

Included in this pack are two clear block templates. Please note that these templates do not include a pattern.

Using a fabric marking pencil, simply trace the designs onto your fabric in any number of configurations. Then, sew along the marked lines using your domestic sewing machine, with the feed dogs up and an open toe foot. For smooth and effortless sewing, we recommend using a sew slip mat to guide and glide your fabric as you sew one block at a time.

Join us in embracing the art of controlled quilting and discover the joy of incorporating straight lines and geometric patterns into your work. Get your hands on Quilting Templates Set L today and unlock a world of creativity!