Quilt As You Go Starter Kit


The Quilt As You Go Starter Kit is for all quilters who’d like to learn Pauline Roger’s QAYG techniques. The Back to Back and Between the Block QAYG techniques allow you to quilt the blocks first and then join them together; making quilting on a domestic sewing machine achievable for everyone.

The Kit includes the:

  • Quilt As You Go Handbook – includes all Pauline’s tips and tricks on creating beautiful QAYG quilts using her 2 QAYG techniques.
  • Sasher Collection Large Set – 10 of our most popular Sasher Tools from 1/8″ up to 2 1/2″ in size. Easily make bias, bindings, and sashings for quilting and applique.
  • Bias-Sasher Ruler – used when you want to cut accurate bias or straight grain fabric strips to be put through any size PQW Sasher Tool.
  • Fork Pins – the best type of pin to use when you’re trying to achieve accurate points in patchwork, and when creating your bias, binding, and sashing strips.
  • MonoPoly Clear Thread – ideal for use with applique and sashings where you don’t want the stitching to be seen. It’s strong with low stretch, won’t dis-colour, and can be used in the top and bobbin of sewing machines.
  • Roxanne Glue Baste-It – 100% water-soluble and dries in minutes. It holds firmly until you want to loosen it and does not feel stiff when dry. Excellent for anywhere you would normally use pins.


Usually only available at Craft and Quilting Shows, the Quilt As You Go Starter Kit is being offered on our website to celebrate the launch of live shows starting up again. Available for a limited time at *show prices*, for those who aren’t able to make it to a live show!

Watch our below video to see Pauline’s Back to Back QAYG technique in action.


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